Happy First Birthday!

I almost did not notice, but last 15th May was my site’s become one year old! Wow! In one year, this is the basic traffic data:

  • Number of visitors as of now : 3730
  • Number of visits: 26085

My free hosting profile does not allow me to know from where you visit, I choose to use English as the main language of my site although it is not my mother language (Italian) and although I have a decent command of at least another one (French). So, I suppose most of you visit from English speaking countries! Thanks!

Not bad for a site that is supposed to collect sparse study notes. In the process of studying Data Science, during this year I have created several accounts on various services and learned to work with them:

  • Github: This is the gh-page I had to create for the Practical Machine Learning Course
  • Rpubs: This is the page I made for the Reproducible Research Course
  • Shinyapps: This is the page I made when I discovered Shiny

And more, I do not even not remember how many. I have accounts on several online learning platforms, and I have completed at least a  course on each of them :

This site has collected my Python and R learning experience, and my adventure  in the field of Data Science.

Thanks to all readers, I am considering to upgrade the site to a paying schema also to create an interactive discussion forum and exchange opinions with you all. I do not know if I really will have time for it, but I will try. Shortly more news about this.

One final word of Thanks to John Sonmez of Simple Programmer, he inspired this web site, as I have mentioned already in one of my first posts.