About myself


Hello everybody. My name is Antonio Ferraro, I was born in 1967, I am married and we have one child. I am Italian, from the beautiful island of Capri. I currently live and work  in Belgium, and I travel a lot, for work and leisure. For living, I am employed full time as a software  Analyst and also a system specialist in a very specific area, which is not what I would like to talk about here. So, this is not a CV, although one day or another I may decide to post one here.

I have been recently asking myself if what I am doing as a job is really what I like to do, and even if the answer is not negative, I found out that there are other domains in which I would like to be involved and to learn about.  After almost 26 years of active professional life, across 3 Countries (Italy, my Country, Ireland and Belgium) I believe that there is something  that I miss in my professional toolkit, something that I would like to learn about and to share . 

In this life trip, I am lucky because I am not alone. Let’s see if it will hold as well for this learning experience.


Visé in a beautiful October day…


P.S. The comment system on this blog is off-line for the moment. As the number of visits is increasing, I am considering to either publish an email address for comments or to upgrade to a paid scheme that will enable discussions and/or feedbacks. More on this in the future. If you wish, you can contact me on a-n-f-e-6-7-@g-m-a-i-l.c-o-m without the dashes! 😉