Wow, how many!

I was inspired by this article, which tells the story of Andrew Ng‘s father Ronald, with respect to online self-tuition. Well, Ronald, now almost 74, has successfully completed 146 online courses since 2012.

Even before reading the article, I asked myself: How many online courses have I completed since May 2015, the point in time when I took the decision of starting this blog, to learn about Data Science… and more, sometimes they were out of curiosity, sometimes because I needed to dive in some subjects that could help me in the work I was doing or going to do. So, I said to myself: What a good idea would be to make a quick count! And I will only count those for which I have completed, at the time of taking the course, 100% of the lessons (or obtained a certificate).

First, it must be said that not all the courses are still available. So, for some of them I can only count them if I remember them or if I find a certificate (that I almost always download). However, I must say that I have stopped linking them on LinkedIn, after a certain initial moment of excitement I think it becomes tedious, even silly at times. In this process, I also discovered a few issues with the various platforms. Coursera individual certificates of the Data Science Specialization are no longer available when clicked, they are available from the specialization page, another certificate (Data Visualization tells me that I have passed with 10000.00 % – Thanks!) I will also list courses not related to Data Science.

So, let us start with Coursera:

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
1Text Retrieval and Search Engines/ChengXiang Zhai 9 May 2015N
2Text Mining and Analytics/ChengXiang Zhai 17 July 2015N
3The Data Scientist’s Toolbox/Jeff Leek7 August 2015Y
4Getting and Cleaning Data/Roger Peng and others30 November 2015Y
5Exploratory Data Analysis/Roger Peng and others11 January 2016Y
6Reproducible Research/Roger Peng and others22 January 2016Y
7Statistical Inference/Roger Peng and others1 March 2016Y
8Regression Models/Roger Peng and others6 April 2016Y
9Practical Machine Learning/Roger Peng and others2 May 2016Y
10R Programming/Roger Peng and others 6 October 2015Y
11Developing Data Products/Roger Peng and others4 June 2016Y
12Data Science Capstone3 January 2017Y
13Introduction to Recommender Systems/Joseph A. Konstan10 October 2015Y
14Data Visualization/John C. Hart24 October 2015Y
15Machine Learning/Andrew Ng9 August 2017Y
16Introduction to Data Science in Python/Christopher Brooks19 February 2017Y
My completed courses on Coursera

Wow, that is a long list! I have then discovered Udemy, and also that some courses offered there are free of charge. I have started some small exchanges with teachers there. But I also have to say, that albeit some courses are outstanding (I would like to mention Chad Darby as an excellence in this department) the quality of the tuition varies wildly if you compare them with Coursera.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
17Polynomial Regression, R, and ggplot/Charles Redmond25 August 2015Y
18R, ggplot and Simple Linear Regression/Charles Redmond24 August 2015Y
19Master Java web Services and RESTful API with Spring Boot/Ranga Karanam18 September 2020Y
20Spring and Hibernate for Beginners 16 October 2018Y
21Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project DeliveryFebruary 2020N
22Training Sets, Test Sets, R and ggplot27 August 2015Y
My completed courses on Udemy

After that, I took a look at Edx. A course inspired me here, and I also wrote an article on it: The Analytics Edge.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
23The Analytics Edge/Various23 May 2019Y
My completed courses on Edx

There are some platforms that are no longer available. For example the Stanford’ university Lagunita offered a number of courses, most if not all of which were totally free of charge. These courses are now hosted on Edx, as described here. Stanford continues to offer some free of charge courses.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
24SQL/Jennifer Widom13 February 2020Y
25Statistical Learning/ Hastie & Tibshirani22 October 2017Y
My courses on Stanford’s Lagunita

A little bit later, I found out about, a site massively centred around IBM and their very interesting free offer. Some of the courses are also offered (in slightly different versions) on Coursera. These are introductory courses, such that if you know something about the subjects you are really quickly done. I just used them to apply in Python what I already knew from R. The site also offer badges for courses/track completion and these obtained badges can be shared on acclaim.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
26Machine Learning with Python27 September 2018Y
27Data Visualization with Python 19 September 2018Y
28Data Analysis with Python16 September 2018Y
29Python 101 for Data Science12 September 2018Y
30Introduction to Data Science17 September 2018Y
My completed courses on

In the meantime, as it shows from some of the courses already listed I discovered that MOOCs can help when you feel there is something “else” about which you would like to expand your knowledge, not necessarily in the domain of Data Science. Therefore I discovered, which offers courses also in other languages.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
31Construisez des Microservices/Soufiane Amar6/2019N
My completed courses on

I was interested in Django at one time, and Microsoft offered a free introductory course. This course is unfortunately no longer available.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
32Developing Websites Using Python and Django14 May 2017Y
My completed courses on Microsoft Academy

Google academy offered a course on Google Analytics. I thought it may be interesting. The certificate obtained have an expiry date, and for this it was 1 year after the obtention

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
33Google Analytics for Beginners1 April 2017Y
My completed courses on Google Academy

CISCO has a networking academy. They offer a tool that is capable of simulating computer networks and network devices, and to program them to achieve a desired configuration.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
34Packet Tracer 10118 September 2016Y
My completed courses on CISCO Academy

Cybrary as also a series of courses on various subjects.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
35Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)/Junaid Memon30/10/2016N
My completed courses on

A French platform, offering completely free of charge training is available for French speakers. it is the FUN platform.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
36Java EE Spring prêt à l’emploi/Seinturier-Dufrêne21 January 2019Y
37Protection des données personnelles: le nouveau droit/Guillaume Desgens-Pasanau12 July 2019Y
38Introduction à la statistique avec
R/Bruno Falissard
29 October 2019Y
39Bioinformatique : algorithmes et génomes/Rechenmann-Parmentelat13 October 2020Y
40Python 3 : des fondamentaux aux concepts avancés du langage/Legout-Parmentelat9 September 2020Y
My completed courses on FUN

I never liked the idea of the Nanodegrees proposed by Udacity, but they offer quality courses and some of them can be taken free of charge.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
41Intro to Descriptive Statistics2017N
My completed courses on Udacity

Also in French, Ionisx offers some good courses.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
42Python Pour Les Scientifiques2015Y
43Dans les Coulisses du Big Data2015N
My completed courses on Ionisx

I have also completed some little courses on Datacamp.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
44Having fun with googleVis16 May 2016Y
My completed courses on Datacamp

I also like to follow and get certificates with Sololearn. These are by no means proof of knowledge. For me they are “refreshers” that let me keep alive some skills (as well as some of the others in this list). And I like to take them for fun sometimes, rather than playing a video game. Their competitions are interesting and there are many platforms that propose similar challenges, like Kaggle or Leetcode. However, I am not often challenged in that way. I prefer to create my own challenges instead.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
45C 13 January 2019Y
46Python 3 7 January 2019Y
47Java 8 January 2019Y
48PHP18 August 2020Y
49SQL16 January 2019Y
50Jquery2 February 2019Y
51Javascript20 January 2019Y
52HTML16 January 2019Y
My completed courses on Sololearn

On Simplivlearning, I had a go at some of their programming courses.

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
53Spring Boot Microservices with JPA/Alessandro Argentieri2019N
My completed courses on Simplyvlearning

I should also mention the courses delivered by emails, one instalment per week or per day. I took one of these about blogging, courtesy of,

#Course/InstructorDate CompletedCertificate Y/N
54Building a blog site/John Sonmez2015N
My completed email course at

What else to say, I am not yet up to the same level of Andrew’s father. But I am on a good path! Furthermore, I have surely forgotten one or two courses on the way and I have at least 20 other courses on which I have enrolled and I did not complete on various platforms! Learning is a life-long experience, and on your path to learn new things you will always discover that there are many others that you do not know… …enjoy learning and thanks again Andrew!