Speak Like a doctor: Basic NPL in R

I am now aiming at the Capstone project in the Coursera’s Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins, to finish the Specialization. The project is focused on predicting the next word that somebody is going to type, based on several databases to be used to build up the prediction algorithm. There is a lot of previous work on this and there are many of such applications around, and there should be some that could inspire something “new”. My first target was to have some examples of NLP, and I found some very interesting ones, together with some tutorials on the subject, like the one from Tim D’Auria on which I wrote last month. But I am a hesitating, so I keep looking. I found out this excellent and funny tutorial by Manuel Amunategui,  (here I linked to his youtube channel where you can find also other excellent tutorials).

I just wanted to say thanks to Manuel for this post, because I find his post and video extremely clear and filled with useful info. I recommend it to others who are taking the specialization. So, that’s it, thanks Manuel!