Build a Data Science skillset

I was invited to join the Coursera Data Science community a few weeks ago. I did, and this is a very interesting meeting point where people with any degrees of Data Science experience and skills meet and discuss several related topic. As I feel I am still not mature as a Data Scientist, I followed and participated in a discussion about what were the best Data Science courses that people have taken. I suppose you take classes in order to build the skill set to become a Data Scientist of course, of because you like the subject. What became clearly evident in the forum is that I and many others are on the right track. The Coursera JSU Data Science Specialization is one of the most popular sources of inspiration.   However, I found the following course suggestions and resources (which I did not consider of know  before) really interesting:

  • Coursera’s Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course, from Stanford Univeersity. In this course you will also learn how to use GNU Octave (a free clone of Matlab).
  • Data Driven Astronomy, from Sidney University. In this course you will use Python and work on a lot of real data examples.
  • This web site post, which ranks all on line Data Science material and courses and provides a lot of useful links to material to compose your own on line Data Science Master.

It is not the exhaustive list of courses that we are discussing, this is just my extract of the most interesting ones. However, the forum is a great idea and the participation is really well worth.