Tribute to Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is one of the reasons why this blog exists. He defined himself as a “edutainer” and his way of explaining statistics to the public was simply mind blowing. I have been directed to the web site of his foundation,, by one of the courses I was following, I think it was “Analytic thinking” by Since then, I am a firm believer in Statistics and more precisely in that portion of statistics that ends up in the field of Data Science. Hans has contributed to open my mind to a different way of explaining things, of teaching and of visualizing data. He has parted forever from the dry numbers and tables and has given life to the data. In Hans’ videos you can see how things changed with time, you can see how we grow as the “humanity”, and you inevitably feel like you are more a part of it.

Hans passed away on 7 February 2017. So, I have to write this to say thanks to you Hans Rosling, for what you have done and what you have shown to us. I hope that your work will be continued by your colleagues and I hope that they will do it with the same passion and enthusiasm that you have put in each single one of your fantastic videos. So long Hans.