Python !

After a few years, taking plenty of courses about data science and more, I have made the following discoveries which may seem trivial, but let me explain also where I come from:

  • I am a developer and I know several programming languages and tools
  • I tend to forget things that I do not use frequently
  • I do not like too much to work with R and I do not get a chance to work with it in my daily jobs
  • I like working in Python
  • After a while of deciding which route to take and putting in place all the boilerplate code, I do not dislike to work in Java

My background is CS, and I have worked in almost all the roles of IT, but mostly I am a developer.

The Data Science journey that I have started together with this site led me to a world of new possibilities, regardless of Data Science. Two years ago I quit my job, I started a small company with a friend, and now, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enough work to be able to fill almost to the next year.

What is new for me? What has changed my life? PYTHON!

Yes, I have started landing Python jobs, I enjoy working in Python for all sorts of tasks, I love learning, exploring it, I can get freelance contracts for working in Python… the works.

So thanks to Data Science for having introduced me to Python!