Open Data Sources


Professor Jean-Pierre Malle from in his “Datascience et Analyse situationnelle : dans les coulisses du Big Data” MOOC (Behind the scenes of Big Data), a course that can be found on the IONIS platform, made clear that the next big thing in IT is Bigdata. (The course is in French). It is not a -strictly speaking- technical course, but it is helpful to get an idea of where things are moving. Prof. Malle predicts that up to 25% of the IT companies will deal with Big Data in 2020. He interviews current industry leaders who explain their vision of the market and their business. He actually explain that Big Data should be seen as a new sector of the economy, the fourth sector, in which the acquisition, transformation and delivery of the useful part of the data is the main business. He then goes on by showing examples, like ETALAB, the French Open Data¬† portal, and an interesting open source big data platform, CKAN, that counts hundreds of examples, among which the UK Government Open Data portal. I am not following. I have not finished listening to all videos and I will not take the questionnaires for this one because I like much better the courses where I learn some techniques, algorithm, programming, but anyway, even if not my preferred, this is a good one and an eye-opener. Thanks Prof. Malle.

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