Meaningful Map Visualizations

Geo-visualizations are a powerful tool to understand the world. Thanks to Michael Cooper I came across this article. The visualization had been created by  JimWillFixIt69, on a forum and is very popular, mentioned and linked from many other sites. Here it is:

It shows, for each European Country, which is the second biggest Nationality of people not born in the country, the data is from 2018. From this we can clearly see (for instance) that Romanians are the biggest presence in Hungary, Spain and Italy. We could also infer that for what concerns Italy and Spain that would be because the languages are very similar, and for what concerns Hungary because it is a neighbour Nation. We also see that Algerians are the biggest presence in France, this is not strange as Algeria was a former colony of France and there are still many ties between the two countries. Portugal and Brazil share the common language… and we could continue attempting to extract other facts (may be better to call them hypothesis) from this visualization.

Another interesting geo-visualization is this:

This map by Jakub Marian shows where the Europeans like to emigrate to. He has also other interesting ones in his article. In a few cases there are matches with the first picture: The Romanians favour Italy as their destination, the Finnish Sweden and the Turks Germany. In other cases, there is no apparent relation, like with France and Spain.

That’s it, just a little exercise to explore how much you can say with a map!