Introduction à la statistique avec R

After a long time of inactivity, mainly due to a job change and to the fact that I took MOOCs in other areas, I decided to brush up my R skills and my statistics skills, this time using a totally different platform. This MOOC, is in French, it is hosted on the platform fun-mooc. It is organized in sessions (so it is not always available), it contains video lessons, memory quizzes, weekly homework and peer evaluated work. At the end of the course, if you pass the evaluations, you will get a verified certificate. The MOOC is organized by the University Paris Sud, and the main teacher is Bruno Falissard , you will be able to find all info here. Again, all info is in French and the level is such that you need to be very proficient. The course runs for four weeks and it does not arrive past the logistic regression. However, it covers some statistical concepts (like Survival analysis for instance) that many other Data Science course fail to include, and goes into the details of every single analysis that is performed to explain the conditions under which these analyses are valid. So, while the width of the subjects treated may be less than other similar courses, the depth is certainly much more interesting. And it is not only a good refresher for R, but also a good tool to add up a few new commands to your toolkit. Best of all, it is totally free of charge.