Free R Resources

I was looking for some references and examples in the scope of the “Regression Models” course on Coursera. Something  structured that could bridge the gaps in my R knowledge (and  they are many) and something that could provide me with a list of case studies. I have already bought a book on this, it is “Statistiques avec R”, ISBN 978-2-7535-1992-3. This book costed me about 20 EUR and it is providing a rather good central part with a series of cases that are explored in a structured and clear way. However, I needed more. And I  needed a bit more on Ggplot. And I needed a bit more about Inferential Statistics (although I passed the Coursera course with flying colours,  I do not yet feel confident about a few of the subjects treated there). So, googling back and forth, I found a few treasures:

I have already mentioned in the previous post The “Statistics in R” is a bit dated (2007), so all the installation chapters and the graphical interface references to rcmdr can be skipped. The rest is still good. The section on is packed with more than 15 references. I did not have yet the time to look at  them, but they look promising. More on that later.