Deep Learning Book from MIT Press

This post is a pointer to a great free resource, one of the treasures of the net that are there for those who want to learn.

I find it useful and I sift through it from time to time while I am taking the Machine Learning MOOC from professor Andrew Ng. I have not seen enough of it to make a proper review, positive or negative, but the impression is positive: Depth, coverage, examples all seem to be there, although all algorithms are in a pseudo-language with little connection to  existing ones. This is above all a book about the theory behind machine learning and deep learning.

The book is freely available in html format at this dedicated site and you can buy it in its paper format on Amazon. Somebody has taken the step to put it in PDF format and even in several mobile platform formats (epub and mobi). You can find these here.

This site is a useful resource even because several research articles are linked in and can be retrieved starting from here