An unusual distraction…

Now something different! Well, besides trying to learn as much as possible about Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data etc, a few weeks ago I was brutally deviated to other subjects, by being asked the following question by my fourteen years old son: “Dad, can you teach me some programming”? At that point a number of new questions started popping up in my head: How? What resources, what language? How to keep him interested? Well, I have given a first set of answers and I have started a second blog that will  summarize  our experience. Update: In the mean time I was trying a different free web host, and I had settled for This is dreadful, and there are additional delays built-in the free scheme to make it a pain in the ass. So, I migrated the second blog to which seems to work much better, and the new URL is this.

We follow a coursebook written by a Swiss professor centered around python 3 and gaming, and I will add to this by writing articles on pygame.

A friend of my son has joined in, and now we are advancing at full speed! As they get most of their tuition in French, the blog is also in French, and so are almost all of the resources linked there. However it is an interesting subject, isn’t it?